Monday, May 10, 2010

10 vegetarian meals your kids will love

OK, maybe your kids won't love all 10 of these meals. But there's bound to be something here that will work...

1.      Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple
2.     Cheese pizza, salad or fruit
3.     Egg salad (or fried egg) sandwich, tomato soup
4.     Macaroni and cheese, peas
5.     Vegetarian chili, cornbread
6.     Baked potato topped with broccoli, tomato, and cheese
7.     Waffles topped with vanilla yogurt and fresh berries
8.     Veggie lasagna, green beans
9.     Scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns
10. Bean and cheese burrito, salad or fruit
Cautionary note to would-be vegetarians: Maybe you'd like to get healthier or save the environment or boycott factory farms. Should you become a vegetarian? Perhaps - but probably not overnight. Start by eating meat-free meals at least once a week. Try new foods, whether you prepare them yourself or order them in restaurants. By cutting back on meat consumption, you're already helping your body and the earth. And when you find plant-based meals you truly enjoy, you may decide to cut back - and help - even more.

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