Monday, October 2, 2017

10 reasons I'm giving up Facebook

Some of my friends use Facebook judiciously. Some, like me, spend far too much time on it. And clearly some, also like me, feel worse and worse because of what they see there.

If Facebook is making your life better, far be it from me to criticize. I suspect, however, that it is stripping joy from my life. Here are ten reasons I'm planning to stay off Facebook indefinitely.

1. Time on Facebook is time not reading books.
2. Reading about friends’ lives is great; seeing all the articles they liked, not so much.
3. The barrage of memes, games, quizzes, and “sponsored” stuff continually increases.
4. Call it “recommended for you,” it’s still an ad.
5. Facebook is a rich mine of information for marketers, scammers, thieves, and election fraudsters.
6. Facebook is an ideal platform for liars and haters.
7. Facebook widens divisions and calcifies opinions.
8. It is painful to see friends fall for propaganda from unknown or unreliable sources.
9. It is futile to point out facts to people who prefer ideology.
10. Constant attention to the president and Congress deepens depression. 

I'm hoping that, in the absence of Facebook, I'll spend more time in the physical world, having actual conversations with flesh-and-blood people. I'm hoping I'll pet more living, breathing kittens and puppies, see more sunshine on leaves and lakes, smell more fresh-baked bread, listen to more happy music.

Maybe once I’ve regained Paradise I’ll give Facebook another try: I do love hearing from far-flung friends and seeing pictures of their activities, their families, and their pets.

Meanwhile, I encourage friends and family to stay in touch via phone calls, emails, texts, and actual meet-ups. Then I might never need to imperil my soul by going back to Facebook.

Anyone for lunch?


Unknown said...

FACEBOOK IS VERY SUPERFICIAl - never got hooked into it. you will have more time to smell the flowers and look at sunsets. Bravo
Mel DeFotis

Patty Kennedy said...

Hi LaVonne, I quit Facebook a few years back for many of the same reasons (Obama's election brought out all kinds of vitriole!). I look at John's account to see pics of our grandbabies and my sister's family in Nebraska - but even then I stumble upon things I would prefer to not know!

Our middle son, Jesse, calls Facebook "vanity of vanities," and he is so right!

Hope you and David are well.

annie turner said...

I hear you loud and clear. It is true that time on FB is sucked away from other, more nourishing activities. I still love/hate it because: I get to see what friends and family are up to; I get some decent liberal news and inks on it; I like the Spoonies for Life blog; and it gives me a place to share my journey through cancer and chemo and beyond. But that's just me! I could be reading St Augustine's "Confessions" instead.