Monday, August 22, 2016

And explaining doesn't seem to help...

Some Republicans in Congress.

Headline in the Washington Post, last year:

Half of American whites see no racism around them

Headline in the Washington Post, today:

Sexism is over, according to most men


Let's look at the 114th Congress, shall we? (Wonks: you can check out the stats here.)


Unknown said...

This posting confirms my worst suspicions. Aren't there enough outstanding and articulate black women to prove these white guys wrong?

LaVonne Neff said...

Yes, Luci, there certainly are, and these particular white guys have been proven wrong over and over again--not only by outstanding black women but even by other white guys. But they aren't listening, and they don't care much about facts.

Mark Moring said...

Did you see Paul Ryan's selfie with his interns a few weeks ago. Finding a black face among them is harder than playing Where's Waldo.