Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DOLLAR car rental update

That certainly has been our experience. Repeatedly.

See my earlier post, "Beware DOLLAR's "Lock Low and Go" Scam!" for the whole story.

When the Better Business Bureau intervened, Dollar offered us partial reimbursement of the money they overcharged us. We refused their offer. If a price is guaranteed, that's the price we should pay. Unlike the Dollar manager we dealt with, we believe that's what "guaranteed" means.

UPDATE: Dollar has now agreed to refund the full amount that they overcharged us. We have told the Better Business Bureau that we accept this resolution, but that it shouldn't take repeated calls to customer service followed by complaints to the BBB, to the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, and to our credit card company to get a company to honor its guarantee.

I have not enjoyed pursuing this scam. I often thought I'd rather just let it go--it wasn't all that much money. But then I thought of all the thousands of people who rent cars at Midway Airport. If all of us who are overcharged take action against scammers, maybe the car rental companies will figure out that there's more profit in being honest than in trying to repair the damages caused by dishonest employees.

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Unknown said...

Persistence pays - glad you followed through. mel d