Saturday, April 4, 2009

Grocery shopping under duress

I'm tired of Lent.

It's no fun having to think about every penny when I shop. No, probably shouldn't get those 49-cent gala apples at Trader Joe's. Guess I'll get the $1.00/lb yellow delicious apples at Jewel. Don't like 'em as well, but they're cheaper.

Except they turned out to cost exactly the same.

OK, we'll try the $1.59 yogurt, fillers and all, at Aldi's. Got two of them, then discovered my very favorite yogurt, Mountain High, which is usually about $3.99 at Jewel, on sale for $2.50. Bought two of them anyway. Refrigerator is now full of yogurt.

Do not look to the right or to the left while passing the fresh fish counter. Aldi's cheap frozen fish is at home and needs to be used. $1.00 avocadoes are good for Jewel, but since I didn't get the 69-cent ones at Aldi, guess I'll pass.

TJ applesauce is better, but it's $1.99 for the cheapest and Jewel is having a sale on applesauce for $1.50. We'll save a dollar or two and buy eggs from tortured chickens. Brussels sprouts too expensive in the 1-lb bag at TJ; I'll get eight--count 'em--little sprouts at Jewel.

Yeah, we're saving a fair amount of money. And the food isn't bad. Wednesday we had breaded tilapia with an arugula & avocado salad. Thursday we had whole wheat spaghetti with vegetarian meatballs in tomato sauce topped with asiago cheese, along with green beans tossed with potato gnocchi ("too much starch," said Mr Neff, but starch is what poor people eat). Tonight I made a quiche that involved Aldi frozen salmon, TJ cheap goat cheese, and cheap onions, eggs, and milk from Aldi. With it we each had half a tomato and a few greens. We also had soup that involved frozen spinach, an onion, a little oil and butter and garlic, and imitation chicken broth. Tomorrow we will have leftovers, and probably Brussels sprouts.

One week till Easter ...

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there; you're almost there.