Monday, June 2, 2008

Virtuous bag lady rewarded

During Lent I posted two articles about giving up plastic bags; see "Plastic bags" or "Give up carbon for Lent" if you're still in a self-flagellating mood.

Or, now that endless Ordinary Time (the green season!) has returned, rejoice with me--my tiny good deeds have been rewarded.

Last week, as usual, I parked the car in Trader Joe's parking lot, hurried to the entrance, read the sign that asks, "Did you leave your reusable bag in the car?", sighed heavily, and allowed my good and evil angels a moment to duke it out.

The weather was perfect. My car was in a nearby space. I was not in an extreme hurry. Not to return to the car would have been lazy indeed, and probably one of the seven deadly sins.

I went back and got my bag. And when I checked out, I filled out one of those little tickets that enters virtuous bag ladies in a raffle for a bag of groceries.

They phoned Sunday, while I was at church, to tell me I'd won. Here's a picture of the booty--just what we need for our forthcoming family vacation, and a new Trader Joe's bag as well.

I'm delighted, and I love Trader Joe's, but I do have a question for them: What's the point of bringing my own bag when nearly everything you sell is swathed in plastic?

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